10 Ways To Make Coffee At Home

Coffee is a wonderful drink that wakes us up in the morning with its aroma and gives a boost of energy for the whole day. And properly prepared coffee also improves mood. But not all of us have breakfast at our favorite coffee shop next door. Therefore, it is more affordable and easiest to prepare a drink so necessary for a good day at home, without leaving the door. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways today.

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Conditionally, brewing methods can be divided into two main methods: immersion (infusion with full immersion of coffee in water) and drip (drip coffee filter). Each of them has its own advantages. So in immersion the coffee is richer, stronger and more dense, and in drip it is more aromatic, light and drinkable.

By choosing the one that suits you, you will forever ensure yourself the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee at home anytime. The required minimum that you need is, of course, freshly ground coffee itself, clean water and special equipment for preparation, which we will discuss below.

Drip methods include:

Coffee machine

Brewing coffee in this way is very fast and involves minimal human involvement. The process is almost completely automated, you just need to fill the device with ingredients and press a button. The coffee machine itself grinds the beans, doses them in accordance with the selected program and passes boiling water through the resulting powder under pressure.

The main method of preparation of most machines is espresso, although some modern models can prepare cappuccino, americano, latte and others, depending on their functionality and set of programs. Still, the number of recipes is limited and there is not much room for experimentation.

Also, the disadvantages of these devices include the cost, dimensions and the fact that they are not particularly easy to wash. Otherwise, there are some pluses. The closest relative of a coffee machine is a coffee maker – this is a coffee maker that only performs the function of brewing, and the process itself must be controlled.

Some manufacturers deliberately refer to their coffee makers as espresso machines in order to add value, so be careful when choosing

Moka (geyser coffee maker)

10 ways to make coffee at home
10 Ways To Make Coffee At Home

By the principle of work moka similar to a coffee machine – cooking takes place under pressure. However, this is a completely different device. It is quite simple and consists of two tanks and a filter funnel. Hot water from the lower sealed compartment, evaporating, creates pressure and passes through an inverted funnel with coffee into the upper compartment, in which the finished drink is accumulated.

Despite the fact that, according to some coffee lovers, the drink is not as high-quality as in coffee machines, it is moca that is widespread in the homes of Italians. A geyser coffee maker is relatively inexpensive, takes up little space, and coffee is prepared in it quickly. With the right grind and the ratio of coffee to water, you can get a drink no worse than in a coffee shop.

Drip coffee maker

Quite a convenient way to make large quantities of coffee for a whole family or office. Differs in ease of maintenance and preparation, high consumption of ground coffee. Cold water is poured into a specially designated container, then it heats up and rises through the tube to the filter, seeping through a layer of ground coffee drips into a glass coffee pot, which is usually located on a heated platform, so the drink remains hot for a long time.

The coffee turns out to be less strong than espresso, with a mild aroma, but more intense caffeine, which will help you to cheer up in the morning. Over time, drip coffee makers have more and more additional functions for the convenience of preparation, including even a built-in coffee grinder, but the main task is still the preparation of filter coffee.


It is a vessel, similar to a laboratory flask, tightly connected to a glass funnel. This design not only looks quite stylish, but it also provides a sweet taste and perfectly reveals the aroma. Making coffee in a Kemex is pretty simple.

For this, the flask is heated by wetting it with hot water. A special paper filter for Chemex is placed in the funnel, which is also moistened so that the edges can stick to the glass, thereby creating an air barrier. Next, pour in medium or coarse coffee and fill it with hot water (88-94 ° C). First, a little to allow the grains to open themselves, after the water is glass, the rest of the volume is added. This is done slowly from the edges to the center of the funnel. This is how the coffee is best extracted and brewed evenly.

To get the perfect coffee from a Chemex, you will need to experiment with the grind, water temperature, bean-to-water ratio, brewing time, and match your taste. But if you get used to it, you can repeat the characteristics of the cup you like over and over again.

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10 ways to make coffee at home 2
10 Ways To Make Coffee At Home 2

This method is more than a hundred years old, but it has become popular relatively recently. He comes from Japan, and is somewhat similar to the tea ceremony, therefore it is sometimes called the “coffee ceremony”.

By design pourover is a lid with a funnel, the walls of which are at an angle of 60 °. Special convex ribs are located on the walls in a spiral, they help to evacuate air. As in the Chemex, a paper filter is inserted into the funnel, but it is moistened so that it sticks only to the ribs, allowing air to pass freely between them.

Another difference from Chemex is the absence of its own collection for coffee, so that it can be placed directly on a cup, coffee pot or other convenient vessel. Because of its small size, the Purover is easy to take with you when traveling or on vacation. And due to its simplicity of design, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Immersion includes:


10 ways to make coffee at home 3
10 Ways To Make Coffee At Home 3

Preparation oriental coffee one of the most ancient and simple methods known to mankind. Despite its apparent lightness, it requires a certain skill and experience. Very finely ground coffee is poured into the Turk, filled with cold water and put on fire. Cooking takes from 2.5 to 4 minutes depending on the volume of the turkey, which can be from 1 to 5 cups of 70-80 ml each.

Pretty quick way. But in order for everything to work out well, you need to time it correctly and remove it from the heat so that the coffee cap is wrapped and the coffee does not overbrew. It is also worth paying special attention to the choice of the cezve itself. It must be of the correct shape and made of certain materials.

There are thousands of recipes for cooking in cezve – with the addition of various spices, syrups, fruits, milk. It all depends on your imagination. In any case, if you follow all the rules, then you will get a delicious drink using only the main ingredients.

French press

10 ways to make coffee at home 4
10 Ways To Make Coffee At Home 4

One of the most popular home brewing methods. Allows you to prepare several cups at a time, depending on the volume. Oddly enough, but invented French press was Italian Attilio Calimani in 1929, but gained his popularity with the help of the French.

Often a French press is mistakenly used for brewing tea, but it was made specifically for coffee

The device itself is simple, it consists of a glass bulb, a lid and a piston with a mesh filter. The flask is heated by rinsing with hot water. Coarse coffee is poured inside to prevent particles from leaking through the filter, filled with boiling water (90-96 ° C) and closed with a lid with a raised piston. Brewing lasts 3-5 minutes, depending on which strength you like. After the coffee is infused, the piston is lowered to separate the coffee particles to the bottom of the cylinder. The finished drink is poured into cups. The coffee tastes soft and very aromatic.


10 ways to make coffee at home 5
10 Ways To Make Coffee At Home 5

It is very similar in design to a French press and, in fact, is its improved version. Despite its not a long history, but it lasts only since 2005, it managed to win the hearts of many coffee lovers around the world. Also due to its compact size device popular among travelers and nature lovers. It is easy to clean and does not require much maintenance.

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The principle of operation is to push coffee filled with hot water (approx. 80 ° C) through a paper filter using a piston. The process is completely controlled and the initial result depends only on you. With the right grind, water temperature and pressure in just one minute, you get a clean, full of flavor and aroma.

Siphon (gabet)

Making coffee in a vacuum coffee maker is probably the most entertaining way. As with the chemex, this is more like a chemical experience than an ordinary brew. It is more suitable for true connoisseurs of coffee, as this method requires a lot of experience and effort. Making coffee in this way every day is not an easy task, but in order to please guests or friends at a party with an excellent drink, it will do quite well, and even serve as a full-fledged show.

The device consists of two flasks, a stand and an alcohol burner. While heating, water from the lower flask enters the upper one, gradually wetting the filter with coffee. Then, under the influence of vacuum, which is formed as the vessel with water is emptied, the finished drink begins to be drawn from the upper flask to the lower one.

With this method, coffee is rich and clean, like from a chemical laboratory. According to many experts, one of the brightest, most delicious cooking options, if, of course, everything is done correctly, which is, again, quite difficult.

Coffee in a cup

If there are no special devices at hand for brewing coffee, then you can do it right in the cup. Ground grain coffee is definitely better than instant coffee, in which the coffee itself is only 15% percent, and the rest is chemistry.

There are many interpretations of this method, but most of them boil down to the fact that freshly ground coffee is poured into a cup, poured with water and infused. Water can be either hot or cold, it all depends on the recipe. It is better to take a cup with thick walls. You can put coffee in a cotton bag, as is done in South American countries.

There are a lot of options and they are all working! But this is certainly not a very hot way, it is still better to use more advanced methods to delight yourself with a cup of delicious, aromatic, balanced coffee every day.

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