Coffee capsules: pros and cons

You don’t even notice that you are paying twice.

Coffee capsules: pros and cons
Coffee capsules: pros and cons

We drink coffee several times a day and we want it to be fast and tasty. A pod coffee machine promises to solve both problems and seems like the perfect solution. Our article will help you weigh the pros and cons and understand if coffee capsules are right for you.

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Meeting Switzerland and Italy: the history of capsules

Nespresso was the first to start making capsule coffee machines. According to legend, a Nestle employee was married to an Italian woman who missed her native espresso incredibly. To please his wife, the Swiss Eric Favre studied Italian technology and came up with coffee capsules. 1986 saw the introduction of the first capsule coffee machines under the Nespresso brand. And in 2013, Nestle’s patent for the Nespresso coffee system ended and now capsules are made by different manufacturers.

Needles and water: how they work

The capsule coffee machine works very simply. Pour water into a container, put the capsule in a special hole and press the “start” button. Needles pierce the capsule and hot water is pumped through the coffee. Usually in less than a minute, you have a cup of coffee.

Speed ​​versus quality: pros and cons

Capsule machines work fast, look beautiful and seem very comfortable. We figure out why coffee shops still choose classic coffee machines and are not going to switch to capsules.

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  • not cheap at all. While the pod coffee machine is inexpensive, the price is deceiving. You save on the car, but pay more for the coffee itself.
  • less flavor. Freshly roasted coffee gives off carbon dioxide. If you pack it right away, the package may explode. For protection, a special valve is built into the packs of coffee. But there is no such valve in the capsules, so the coffee is left for two weeks after roasting. During this time, carbon dioxide evaporates, but the aroma leaves with it.
  • not hot enough. In order to get the most out of your coffee beans, you need to brew them between 91 ° and 96 ° Celsius. But most pod coffee machines do not bring coffee to this temperature, stopping at 90 °. The National Coffee Association (NCA) names the flavor of this coffee”Flat and under-extracted”…
  • very environmentally unfriendly.Each cup of capsule coffee is one capsule that is difficult to recycle. Although Nespresso has begun accepting capsules for recycling, not everyone will be returning them. And most importantly, instead of recycling garbage, it is better not to produce it at all.


  • very simple. The ability to drop a capsule and just press a button is the main advantage of a capsule coffee machine. Although even a capsule coffee machine sometimes has to be cleaned from limescale.
  • immediately with milk.If you love cappuccino and latte, then the capsule machine can be your friend – it makes such coffee automatically. But if the quality of coffee is still more important to you, just buy a cappuccino maker.

Capsule coffee machines are beautiful and fast: press one button and get a cup of coffee. If you do not want to dive into coffee subtleties at all, then this is your option. But if taste and quality are more important to you, try making coffee yourself -it’s not that hard!

illy Dark Roast Coffee Iper Drip Capsules, 18 Ct 3 Boxes, Total of 54

  • Illy’s iper Coffee capsules are only compatible with the Francis Francis Y5 Duo Coffee and Espresso machine and the Cuisinart for illy Buona Tazza machines.
  • Each box contains 18 cube capsules of illy’s legendary blend of 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Product of Italy; Transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary
  • 3 Boxes of 18 illy Dark Roast (54 Count)
  • NOT Espresso! These pods brew a FULL cup of coffee, NOT an espresso shot.
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