How to choose a capsule coffee maker: TOP 5 best capsule coffee machines

How to choose a capsule coffee maker
How to choose a capsule coffee maker

Many people prefer to start their day with a cup of invigorating, aromatic and tasty coffee, but its preparation does not always fit into the fast pace of our life. Brew coffee in a Turk or a geyser coffee maker for a long time; in addition, in a hurry, the drink can be burned, and then the dishes need to be washed (with proper absent-mindedness, perhaps also the stove). A capsule coffee machine is an excellent choice for solving these problems. It saves time and also produces quality coffee consistently. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the device of this device, and also present the top of the best capsule coffee machines for the home.

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine with Self Cleaning Function, Brew Strength Control

  • Rapid Brewed Coffee Right At Your Fingertips: This personal single serve coffee maker will give you that fresh, pure taste that is required to jump start your day. Have your cup ready to drink in only 3 minutes. Hot enough to still have hot coffee with cream added. The water adjustment function allows you to control how much coffee you want to brew to save expensive grounds.
  • Durable & Compact Design: Innovatively designed to be compact and durable, yet extremely effective, this coffee maker is much smaller than others. You will be able to fit it in tight places on countertops, office tables, etc.
  • 2 In 1 Brewing: Whether you want to brew a coffee pod or make a cup of coffee the traditional way, this innovative machine will allow you to do either. The simple side button feature allows you to conveniently choose between these 2 brewing styles.
  • Auto Cleaning Button: When you are done using this one of a kind coffee machine, simply press 2 buttons and let the machine clean itself. Cleaning your machine have never been this easy. Forget to shut off your machine? Don’t worry, the machine will automatically turn off after brewing a cup of coffee.
  • Warm Tips: Be sure to add water into water tank before press the button to start to brew coffee. The coffee maker only can be used under US standard voltage. A voltage transformer is needed when you use it in other countries. Black Insulated Coffee Travel Mug is not included.

The principle of operation of the capsule coffee machine

A distinctive feature of capsule coffee machines are capsules – a consumable material on which the whole principle of operation is based. Capsules are small containers filled with different types of ground coffee. The variability is quite large, you can purchase capsules with special formulations for mochacino, cocoa and other drinks. They are hermetically sealed so that the taste of coffee does not deteriorate over time. Note that certain types of capsules are suitable for different brands of coffee machines. The prices for capsules vary depending on their manufacturer and price segment (regular, medium and premium capsules). The latter two can give the coffee the perfect taste, comparable to a drink prepared by a professional barista.

The process of making espresso with a capsule coffee machine is as follows:

  • Water is poured into a special tank
  • The capsule is loaded into the coffee machine
  • The cooking process is started by pressing a button (in expensive capsule coffee machines, you can select the desired mode)
  • Water heated to the ideal temperature under pressure enters the capsule through a special needle, the drink begins to brew
  • The finished espresso is fed into the cup

Depending on the model of the coffee machine, it may also have a built-in cappuccino maker for frothing milk to prepare cappuccino, latte or other drinks.

Let’s outline the advantages of capsule coffee machines:

1. Speed ​​of preparation of the drink. Thanks to modern technology, the cooking process takes 1-2 minutes on average.

2. Ease of use. Minimal efforts to prepare a capsule coffee machine for operation (pour water into the tank, place capsules), full automation of the preparation of a drink that does not require human intervention. Easy and quick cleaning of equipment (especially in the absence of a cappuccinatore). To use the machine, even minimal barista skills and any knowledge are not required – the machine will do everything for you.

3. Consistent quality and taste of the drinks produced. The capsule is hermetically sealed, so the quality of the coffee in it does not deteriorate over time. Taste and aroma remain unchanged because each capsule contains the optimal dose for the desired drink. The capsules themselves do not require special storage conditions.

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker & Milk Frother, Coffee Brewer for K-Cup and Ground Coffee, Cappuccino Machine and Latte Maker Bundle

  • Start the Day with Delicious Cappuccino or Latte: If you are a big fan of splendidly foamy cappuccinos and lattes, the Sboly cappuccino machine (single cup coffee maker and milk frother bundle, instead of espresso machine) will always deliver hot steamy beverages on demand. Now there is no need for a barista or the high coffee shop prices, cappuccinos and lattes can be easily made anywhere.
  • 2 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker: This coffee maker is not only compatible with K-cup pods, but it can also brew coffee grounds. It is equipped with quick heating technology, in only 3 mins you can have your favorite coffee just the way you like it. The self cleaning feature automatically takes care of cleaning the coffee machine by pressing two buttons at the same time.
  • 3 in 1 Frother: Enjoy cold, or hot foam, and super heat beverages. This milk frother and beverage heater allows you to indulge in café-style coffee drinks with different textures of froth in 1-3 mins. Cleanup is a breeze with the non-stick coating interior makes cleaning the super easily.
  • Easy & Safe to Use: From brewing to frothing, with one touch of a button. So simple yet so delicious. The machines shut-off automatically when the tasks are complete. The milk foamer is built to last, and always have your beverage hot and ready, just the way you like it with the built-in temperature control.
  • Compact & Durable Design: The innovative design is compact, durable, and extremely effective. The latte machine (single coffee brewer with milk frother) easily fits into tight spaces and with its gorgeous design compliments any counter space.

4. Low cost. A good coffee machine, capable of delivering the same bright and rich taste as a capsule one, will cost much more.

5. Compactness and noiselessness in comparison with other professional coffee machines.

How did we select the best coffee machines?

When compiling the top of the best capsule coffee machines for home, we focused on the following characteristics:

Power. One of the most important criteria when choosing a capsule coffee machine, the speed of preparation of the drink depends on the power, and the faster the espresso is prepared, the more aromatic and tasty it is. Good coffee requires at least 1200 watts of power.

Pump pressure. Like the power, this criterion directly affects the speed of preparation and taste of the drink; the rate of water entering the capsule depends on the pressure. Recommended pressure is at least 15 bar.

Storage tank. This is the part of the coffee machine that requires care – it needs to be removed and washed, so it is worth choosing a model in which this process will be most simple. It is advisable to have a reservoir of at least 1 liter so as not to fill it up again.

Dimensions. For a home, you should choose a compact model so that such a wonderful unit fits into our harsh reality.

Process automation. Additional functions so as not to make unnecessary gestures. In some coffee machines, the capsule does not need to be removed after use, it is automatically dumped into a special container that can be emptied later.

Noise level. Quiet enough not to wake up sleeping household members.

When choosing a coffee machine, it is also worth paying attention to the capsules that it uses, since one type of capsule is suitable for each coffee machine. Different capsules have a specific set of advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular brands in Russia are Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Tassimo and Cremesso. Let’s consider in more detail.

Nespresso capsules are considered to be the best quality drinks, but capsules and coffee machines are on average more expensive compared to competitors. The technique supports the preparation of coffee at a pump pressure of up to 19 bar, which ensures the richest taste and aroma.

Dolce Gusto capsules are relatively inexpensive, have a balanced taste, and a wide variety of coffees, but the quality is slightly inferior to Nespresso. Even with a budget coffee machine, you can make a latte, cappuccino or cocoa by purchasing a special capsule with milk powder.

Tassimo capsules do not have a wide variety of flavors, but only those presented in the original line, however, each has a barcode with which the coffee machine determines the ideal temperature and amount of water for a particular drink. Thanks to the barcodes, Tassimo capsules cannot be counterfeited. The Tassimo appliances have a low-power pump, but the capsules contain a little more coffee than the competitors, which is enough to make a delicious drink.

Cremesso capsules do not have a wide selection of coffee – only 11 types, but their taste is consistently high. The Delca company that manufactures these capsules is a full-cycle enterprise and controls the processes at all stages of production. Their technology is powerful and reliable, the coffee machines have a stylish design.

TOP 5 best capsule coffee machines for home

5th place – Essenza Mini Pure

Inexpensive and very compact capsule coffee machine, one of the best in terms of price-quality ratio. Uses Nespresso capsules. Pressure 19 bar. The control consists of 2 buttons: preparation of espresso (40 ml) or lungo (110 ml), however, each can be reprogrammed to suit your values ​​of infusion. Due to the miniature size, the volume of the water tank is 0.6 l, which is enough for a couple of cups of coffee. The coffee machine is equipped with a container for 5-6 capsules. Easy to clean, rinsing is quick and convenient.

4th place – Bosch TAS 7001EE / 7002 / 7004EE Tassimo

This coffee machine uses Tassimo capsules (T-discs), which have a unique technology. Each capsule has a barcode that contains information about the drink. The coffee machine reads the information and uses the exact amount of water and selects the ideal temperature for a specific capsule. There is a built-in function for automatic cleaning and descaling, for this a separate service T-disk is used. You can prepare lattes, cappuccino and cocoa using special capsules (no cappuccino maker).

HiBREW 4-in-1 Mini Multi-Function Espresso Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto Machine Compatible with Nespresso Capsule, Dolce Gusto Capsule, Ground Coffee, Kcup, Italian 19 Bar High Pressure Pump, Buttons for Espresso and Lungo, 1450W (Black)

  • 4-In-1 MULTIPLE FUNCTION: Compatible with Nespresso or its clone capsules, Dolce Gusto or its clone capsules, Ground Coffee so as to use your own coffee flavor, and KCup..
  • PREMIUM ITALIAN HIGH PRESSURE PUMP: Delivers up to 19 bar pressure to unlock the delicate flavor and premium aromas of each coffee capsule and create an incomparably dense and unctuous crema.
  • FAST HEATING SYSTEM AND AUTO POWER OFF: About 25 seconds to preheat. 15 minutes stand-by and power off automatically for energy saving.
  • CONVENIENT OPERATION: One-touch button with two cup capacity options – Short and Long (Espresso and Lungo)
  • LARGE CAPACITY: A large detachable water reservoir that holds 0.7L water. Detachable drip tray which is easy to clean.

3rd place – Xiaomi Scishare Capsule Coffee Machine S1103

Compact and quiet capsule coffee machine with a convenient lever for adjusting the amount of water. You can adjust the dose from 15 to 85 ml, and in manual mode (by moving the lever to the maximum right) up to 180 ml. Equipped with backlit diodes, with which you can follow the preparation of the drink – over time, the diodes go out from right to left. When the last one goes out, the drink is ready. Large waste container holding 8 to 10 spent capsules. The capsule type used is Nespresso. Pump pressure 19 bar. It is worth noting that the coffee machine has a Chinese plug, so you will have to either change it or purchase an adapter. The volume of the water tank is only 0.58 ml. The Xiaomi capsule coffee machine does not support Xiaomi Smart Home functions.

2nd place – Krups KP 350B Dolce Gusto

A coffee machine with an interesting design, a convenient touch panel and a tray for used capsules. Uses Dolce Gusto capsules. You can prepare not only espresso, but also latte, cappuccino, cocoa using a capsule with milk. Pressure 15 bar. Built-in hot water regulator to control the amount of drink received. Height-adjustable cup holder. Washing it is not difficult and fast. A 0.8 L tank may not be enough for a family of 3. Not the most compact capsule coffee machine, 25 cm wide. And the anti-drip system does not work well enough: after preparation of the drink, residual water can be released within a few minutes.

1st place – De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One EN 500

Stylish and compact capsule coffee machine with built-in cappuccino maker. To prepare coffee, 2 buttons are used: espresso 40 ml and lungo 110 ml. You can reset the default settings and program the desired amount of espresso or lungo (25 to 150 ml) yourself. The volume of the water jug ​​is 1 liter. Maximum pressure 19 bar. The capsules used are Nespresso.

One of the main advantages is the preparation of milk drinks. The milk jug holds a maximum of 125 ml of milk, which is not that much and is only enough for one person. The machine froths all the milk in the jug, be it 40 or 125 ml, there is no setting for the cappuccinatore. There is no button for automatic cleaning of the cappuccinatore, so this will have to be done manually and often enough.

We hope our rating will help you navigate a wide range of modern coffee machines!

Mixpresso Espresso Machine for Nespresso Compatible Capsule, Single Serve Coffee Maker Programmable Buttons for Espresso and Lungo, Premium Italian 19 Bar High Pressure Pump 27oz 1400W (White)

  • ☕ THE/BARISTA-APPROVED ITALIAN CAPSULE COFFEE MACHINE: Featuring a very high italian made 19 BAR pressure pump, The Mixpresso Pro nespresso machine is nothing like similar, yet poorly designed coffee machines. In fact, it’s able to offer barista-style coffee every time, perfectly extracting the delicate flavour of each coffee capsule!
  • ☕ COMPATIBLE WITH ORIGINALLINE NESPRESSO CAPSULES: Designed for use with our own brand espresso pods, but also its compatible with the Originalline Nespresso capsules, our Capsule Coffee Maker is equipped with a fast heat-up system that reaches the ideal temperature in just 25-30 Seconds! Forget about waiting and waiting for your morning cup of coffee and start your day the right way with a Capsule Coffee Machine of exquisite design.
  • ☕ 100% HASSLE-FREE CLEAN-UP: Both the capsule container, the drip tray and the 0.8 litre. water tank are easily removable to facilitate quick and simple cleaning. Plus, thanks to the folding cup tray, the Mixpresso Expresso Machine is also perfect for taller glass recipes
  • ☕ AUTOMATIC, ENERGY-SAVING FUNCTION: Forgot to turn off your espresso maker? No problem! The automatic energy-saving function will turn the machine off after 9 minutes of inactive. Not to mention this period can be extended to 30 minutes making your life easier, with just one less thing to worry about. Plus, its easy-to-use and sleek white design matches the décor of any modern kitchen!
  • ☕ LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Here at Mixpresso, your satisfaction is the core of our mission. That’s why we want you to get in touch with us if you are not entirely thrilled with your purchase for ANY reason and we will make it right. After all, your Mixpresso Single Serve Coffee Machine is covered under the umbrella of our 1-YEAR WARRANTY. Please handle packaging with care to avoid losing or breaking parts. Handle with care.
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