How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?

After reading this article to the end, you will find out: which coffee machine to choose for a coffee shop, what you should pay attention to when buying, how coffee machines differ from each other

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There is a saying “a good worker is just as good as his tools”, regardless of their particular profession or industry in which they work.

Thus, no matter how skilled the baristas are, they can be let down by outdated, poorly performing or inappropriate pieces of equipment. This means that the equipment you use to produce high-quality espresso and create a range of specialty beverages is critical to the success of your coffee shop, especially if you are looking for a long-term reputation for excellence.

How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?
How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?

What to look for when buying an espresso machine?

Brewing volumes and quality of espresso drinks

You’ve probably seen that coffee machines come in two, three or four groups that are capable of producing four, six and eight drinks at the same time. But the number of groups is far from an important indicator of the productivity of a coffee machine.

How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?
How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?

The coffee machines differ:

1. The number of boilers

For a single boiler coffee machine, the size of the boiler is of great importance. The larger it is, the less likely it is that the temperature will drop on an intense flow. Since it has a heat exchanger that provides the water temperature for the coffee group. And already from this boiler boiling water and steam are supplied to the steamers.

Two-boiler coffee machines (three- and even four-boiler), where each group has separate boilers for steam / boiling water and espresso – a solution designed for greater temperature stability during the preparation of drinks and the ability to set the temperature for each of the boilers.

Of the significant advantages – such a coffee machine lasts longer. The espresso boiler does not form calcium (scale) because it maintains a temperature of 90 to 95 ° C. And calcium precipitates when the water is heated above 100 ° C.

How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?
How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?

2. The type and number of pumps

water pump– a kind of pump, the function of which is to pump water into the boiler and create pressure. Pumps are vibrating and rotary. Vibration pumps are quite noisy, have unstable pressure, but budget. Rotary – a more stable pressure indicator; in addition, this pump can be removed outside the coffee machine.

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Due to one pump, the same pressure is set on all groups (for example, 9 atmospheres), at which the espresso is prepared. There are coffee machines with pressure regulation for each group separately – this is achieved by the number of pumps.

3. By way of regulation of heating

The coffee machines regulate heating using a pressure switch or a PID controller.

The pressure switch maintains the preset pressure range and boiler temperature in the coffee machine. It works according to a very simple principle – as the water boils in the boiler and a certain pressure is reached, the circuit, closed by the spring pressure, opens and heating stops. If you increase the compression ratio of the spring with the adjusting screw, the circuit will open later, which means the pressure and temperature will rise higher. This method does not always accurately control the temperature, but it is budgetary.

A pressure switch is not installed on machines with a PID controller. The electronic controller, using a sensor, constantly checks the temperature and, if necessary, switches the heating element on and off. Typically all coffee machines with separate boilers are controlled by a PID controller.

How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?
How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?

4. Built-in microcomputer (for timer functions or programming portions through the scale)

The timer function is needed to program the espresso brew button for a specific time. This is more convenient, since at this time the barista can be distracted to prepare the next drink and pay the client.

The scale in the coffee machine shows the actual weight of the cup in real time. This allows you to set up your espresso faster.

How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?
How to choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?

Your financial budget

The price of a coffee machine is made up of many factors, which, in addition to performance, include: body material, internal filling, number of functions, design, brand and much more. In other words, coffee makers of the same type of the same performance can cost completely differently.

When choosing between features, it can happen that you pay for a feature you never use. Or vice versa – in an effort to save money, lose something important and necessary. The high cost of the espresso machine does not determine the quality of the coffee. First of all, to prepare a delicious drink, you need to have knowledge of coffee and its preparation. The second most important is the correctly selected grain. And only in third place is the equipment.

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External characteristics of the coffee machine

The design, color, shape and size of the coffee machine should be in harmony with the interior of the cafe. After all, the coffee machine is the center of the interior. Modern lines of professional coffee machines are diverse and offer enough options for ergonomic, more or less compact (depending on the required production volume), relevant, stylish and fashionable in design devices.

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