How to choose a coffee machine for your home: a guide to choose

To begin with, you just need a coffee machine at home. Every coffee lover knows that there is nothing better than making yourself a cup of good coffee in the morning right in your home kitchen. These days there is a huge range of coffee machines for the home, and you can choose any option: from a simple coffee maker to a multi-functional coffee machine. You can choose the device that will be optimal for your budget and fully satisfy your needs for a strong aromatic drink.

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Let’s see what types of coffee machines are, how they differ from each other and which one is better to choose for home use. You will be able to choose the coffee machine that will fully satisfy your desires and the optimal budget.

What is a coffee machine, its application

A coffee machine is a household coffee machine. The first coffee machine appeared in the middle of the 19th century and was a bulky device that could prepare coffee using steam pressure. Its creator was the Frenchman Edward Loisel de Sant. It was he who became the first who invented the coffee machine and presented it to the public. The first coffee machine had a lot of shortcomings: it was too large, the coffee turned out to be burnt and it was impossible to change the steam pressure, and in general, the whole device was extremely explosive. Only in 1901 did the Italian Luigi Bezzera receive a patent for an improved steam coffee machine, more compact and practical. This is how the world learned about the first espresso machine. Technological progress has not stood still, and now we have a huge selection of various models of coffee machines. You can choose capsule, carob,

The coffee machine has many advantages: it can grind beans and measure the amount of water and milk, depending on the configured settings, whip milk, remove the used grind into a special waste container and perform automatic cleaning. At the same time, human actions for making coffee in coffee machines are minimal.

Here we cannot fail to mention coffee makers (they are often confused with coffee machines). A coffee maker is a device for preparing a drink from ground coffee, it does not have a coffee grinder. There are different types of coffee makers according to the degree of automation and human participation in the coffee preparation process. The most popular are carob, capsule and drip coffee makers.

What to choose – a coffee machine or a coffee maker – is entirely up to you. In any case, when choosing a machine for making coffee at home, you should understand the types of devices.

Types of coffee machines

The general principle of operation of the device consists in the passage of water heated to a certain temperature under pressure through the ground coffee, at the outlet receiving an aromatic fuming drink. Any device for making coffee at home should be compact to fit comfortably on the kitchen table, and quiet so that the noise from the device does not wake up all the neighbors around. Different types of coffee machines have different dimensions, noise levels, options and, of course, cost. Let’s see what options are there.


Horn devices are referred to as coffee makers. They lack a built-in coffee grinder, and ground coffee is poured into a special container – a holder or, in other words, a “horn”. Espresso and espresso-based drinks are prepared in espresso machines. To prepare a strong drink, you need to pour the ground grains into the holder, tamp with tempera and insert into the apparatus. Next, hot water at a pressure of 8-9 bar passes through the holder and a ready-made espresso is obtained. The difficulty of using carob coffee makers at home is that the taste of the finished drink will depend on the correct tamping of coffee in the holder.

Note: Tempering (tamping ground coffee in a holder) is a whole art. If pressed too much, the espresso will turn out to be bitter and oily, if not enough, it will be thin and tasteless.

How to choose a coffee machine for your home: a guide to choose
How to choose a coffee machine for your home: a guide to choose

A rozhkovy coffee machine is well suited for home and office


Capsule devices belong to automatic coffee makers. To prepare coffee, instead of ground powder, as in carob, a special capsule with ground coffee in foil or plastic packaging is used. The capsule is placed in a coffee maker, pierced and hot water passes through the capsule and a ready-made aromatic drink is obtained at the exit. Capsule coffee makers are very convenient to use at home. They do not require special care, there is practically no dirt from them (it is enough to clean a special container with used capsules), and take up little space.

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  • Includes port a filter and two filters: An ergonomically designed port a filter has two filters, for single or double espresso.

Note: Capsule coffee makers are popular due to their low cost and the choice of capsules with different varieties and flavors of coffee. One capsule equals one cup of beverage.

How to choose a coffee machine for your home: a guide to choose  2
How to choose a coffee machine for your home: a guide to choose 2

Capsules for the capsule coffee machine are available in different flavors and varieties of coffee.


Pod coffee makers are one of the varieties of carob coffee machines. The only difference is the horn design. It has a flat wide filter to accommodate the pod. Chalda is a special perforated paper bag with compressed coffee, designed for one serving. The drink prepared in a pod coffee machine turns out to be rich and strong.

Note: Oxygen bleached cellulose is used as paper for pods. It is completely neutral and odorless.

How to choose a coffee machine for your home: a guide to choose 3
How to choose a coffee machine for your home: a guide to choose 3

Espresso harvester

Semi-automatic machine that combines the operating principle of the horn and the built-in coffee grinder. Usually the espresso harvester is chosen for professional use in restaurants and coffee shops with medium traffic, but it is perfect for home use. To prepare coffee in an espresso machine, you can use both grain and ground coffee.

Note: After each brewing of coffee, the holder must be thoroughly rinsed.

How to choose a coffee machine for your home: a guide to choose 4
How to choose a coffee machine for your home: a guide to choose 4


To prepare coffee in an automatic coffee machine, just press one button, and the rest of the device will do everything on its own. All you need to do is to top up water periodically, add coffee beans and do cleaning.

How to choose a coffee machine and coffee maker for home

A coffee machine for the home is a long-term purchase, therefore the choice must be carefully considered and the characteristics of the devices must be understood.

Control type

Coffee machines and coffee makers can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic, which are distinguished by the convenience and cost of making coffee.

  • Automatic machines. We have already talked about this above. In automatic machines, human actions are minimized, all the main work on brewing coffee is performed by the machine. All you need to do to get started is pour water, add grains and press a button.
  • Semi-automatic machines. The devices require the constant presence of a person during the coffee preparation process in order to turn on / off the coffee machine, fill and tamp the required amount of ground powder, etc.

Dimensions and installation location

Often not even the type of coffee machine and not the price, but dimensions are of great importance when choosing a coffee machine for the home. It is necessary to think over not only the place of installation of the unit, but also to leave a margin of space on the sides of the unit, from above – for convenient filling of grains and from the back – for easy access to containers with water. For example, grain devices and espresso harvesters are usually quite large in size, but capsule or pod ones can be found rather compact.

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  • Brewing flexibility: The Hamilton Beach flex brew 2-way coffee maker has the option to please fans of all types of coffees and quantities, making it the perfect gift for a home with multiple coffee drinkers
  • Single serve brew time: In about 3 minutes, flex brew make a strong, great-tasting cup of coffee. And you save energy because rather than heating water continuously, flex brew only heats the water when you’re ready to brew
  • Note: Watch video at the 1:21 min mark we show how to program the unit. Also refer setting time Instructions are on page 8.
  • Keurig and K-Cup are registered trademarks of Keurig green mountain, use of the Keurig and K-Cup trademarks does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Keurig green mountain

Heating mechanism, power and performance

The mechanism for heating water in coffee machines can be presented in two types: a boiler and a thermoblock.

  • A boiler is a container inside the body of the device. The water in the boiler is replenished each time a portion of coffee has been prepared, and the next time the machine is brewed, the machine heats up the entire volume of water. Due to this operation of the heating mechanism, scale forms faster, which means that the devices need to be cleaned more often. It is better to choose coffee machines with a boiler for professional use, where a high performance device is needed.
  • Thermoblock – for making coffee, only the amount of water that is needed is used and heated, the rest of the water is drained and stored in a special tank. Devices with a thermoblock are well suited for home use: their energy consumption is lower, the water heats up faster and you do not have to clean the machine as often.

The coffee machine market offers various devices with power from 800W to 2500W. A device with a power of up to 1500 W is suitable for home.

Note: The speed of brewing the drink depends on the power, the more powerful the machine, the faster the coffee will be ready. But the water for a quick preparation time will not have time to be saturated with the aroma of coffee beans and the taste will be less strong and saturated.

The performance of the coffee machine is measured in the number of servings per day. For a home or small office, machines with an average productivity of up to 50 cups of coffee per day are suitable.

Features of the care of coffee machines

As with any equipment, the coffee machine requires maintenance, especially the brewing mechanism. There are two types – removable and non-removable mechanisms.

  • Removable – The container will need to be removed and cleaned manually. In this case, the pipes of the hydraulic system, on which coffee deposits accumulate over time, can be washed only with the use of special cleaning tablets.
  • Fixed – in this case, the coffee machine itself determines when to clean the system, and you just need to insert a cleaning tablet and press a button. A non-removable brewing mechanism is more hygienic, but also more expensive than a removable one.

What else to pay attention to

  • The presence of a cappuccino maker. If you prefer cappuccino or latte, you will need the built-in cappuccino maker. Without it, creating that very airy milk foam will not work.
  • Heated cups. To make good coffee, the cup needs to be warmed up. Some models of coffee machines have such an option – the tray of the machine heats the dishes to the required temperature.
  • Inner memory. A very useful and handy thing. If everyone in your family loves different coffee drinks and in order not to reconfigure the device every time, you can simply set the settings and save, to prepare your drink, just select your name from the list and click on the button.

Which manufacturer of coffee machines to choose

Now on the Internet it is easy to find reviews for any product, and coffee machines are no exception. As a rule, users prefer to choose for personal use devices of well-known brands that have proven themselves well on the market. There are not many such manufacturers:

  • Philips Saeco- perhaps the most popular brand. The company specializes in the production of coffee machines, and therefore you can find models for every taste and wallet.
  • Jura – the Swiss brand has become a leader in the global market for the production of automatic coffee machines.
  • DeLonghi- this is the unconditional love of buyers. The Italian brand offers affordable coffee equipment.
  • Krups Is a progressive company that always supplies its coffee machines with many additional functions.
  • Bork is perhaps not the most popular brand, but has managed to prove the high quality of coffee machines for home and office on the market.

When choosing a coffee machine for your home, carefully study the supplier.


As you can see, it is not so difficult to choose a coffee machine, it is enough to decide what you want from the machine, what functions are important for you: whether you need a cappuccinatore or the option of making two cups at the same time. Then you can easily decide which model you need.

And you can also use the search on our website and choose a coffee machine for your needs.

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