How to choose the right coffee machine for your home

Many of us love to drink coffee in establishments. Our favorite drinks that are prepared for us at the bar – latte, cappuccino, Americano, are built into the mode of our life and many sometimes do not live a day without coffee. As a rule, such people come up with a logical thought – why not buy a coffee machine for your home and make your favorite drinks at home?

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An excellent idea, but how do coffee machines differ from each other and how to choose a better one? Let’s figure it out.

Let’s talk a little about professional equipment. Firstly, all coffee machines are divided into two types – automatic and semi-automatic. Probably many of you have noticed that a barista works in many establishments, he personally prepares coffee for you. For example, if you ordered a cappuccino, it does two processes – it prepares the espresso (the flavor base of the drink) and whips the milk using steam under pressure. The machine on which he works belongs to the “semi-automatic” machines:

How to choose the right coffee machine for your home
How to choose the right coffee machine for your home

Have you ever noticed that such a process does not happen? This happens most often in places where the quality of coffee is not emphasized. You order a cappuccino and see how a woman, for example, who was standing at the cash register, comes up to some drawer, presses a button on it and something similar to cappuccino is poured into the glass? So this coffee machine is called “automatic”:

How to choose the right coffee machine for your home 2
How to choose the right coffee machine for your home 2

Do I need to explain that a semiautomatic device is much better than an automatic one? I suppose not. How is a semiautomatic device better than an automatic one? Well, first of all, the ability of a person, a barista, to control the coffee preparation process. Coffee is a very unstable product. It comes in different varieties, it is grown in different weather conditions, it can be fried, processed in different ways, it interacts with water in different ways, etc. There can be a great many nuances that a skilled barista always takes into account. The same cannot be said about the programmed machine, which always works in one mode and is able to make stable drinks only from old, refried coffee, whose taste will be equally bitter, no matter how it is prepared. If you pour freshly roasted coffee into the machine, it simply won’t be able to extract it correctly and will give you an empty, unsaturated drink. This is the difference between a semi-automatic and an automatic. That is, an automatic machine, in principle, excludes the possibility of working with good coffee, since it is not capable of preparing it. Good coffee needs hands.

How to choose the right coffee machine for your home 3
How to choose the right coffee machine for your home 3

Now let’s talk about home coffee machines. And with them we have everything the same – automatic and semi-automatic. I think you understand that if a vending machine for commercial use we are not very satisfied with the quality and we want to drink good coffee, then a vending machine for home use is unlikely to be better. Accordingly, we consider only a semi-automatic for the house:

How to choose the right coffee machine for your home 4
How to choose the right coffee machine for your home 4

What is the difference between a professional and a home semiautomatic device? The difference is, first of all, in the performance and guarantees on the part of a professional coffee machine, in maintaining the necessary technical parameters necessary for making good coffee. These parameters are the pressure in the working group. That is, in the place where you insert the holder with pressed ground coffee, through which hot water under pressure passes. This pressure should be 8-9 bar. The very first thing you should look for when choosing a home coffee machine is its pressure in the workgroup. The correct pressure in the group is a guarantee of the possibility of making good coffee at home. The temperature of the water is also important; it is regulated on almost all coffee machines. Make sure that the water temperature in the working group is 92-94 degrees Celsius. This is another important point. But first of all, check the pressure, if it is not there, it is not possible to prepare a high-quality espresso.

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If the pressure is low, the water will not pass through the pressed coffee in the holder. We’ll have to make the grind coarser. Make it larger, the water will pass but without the necessary resistance and the taste will be empty, since you will not digest the necessary flavors from the coffee.

How to choose the right coffee machine for your home 5
How to choose the right coffee machine for your home 5

Also, if you are a cappuccino lover, I advise you to pay attention to the steam pressure in the steamer. It must be at least 1 bar. Finding a good home coffee machine that is close to professional performance is difficult. Typically, the pressure of such machines on the working group is about 5 bar. But the most important thing is that you know what you are striving for and what you need to look for, and not buy blindly. And yet, if in the settings it is written that the pressure at the “15 bar” coffee machine, know that this does not happen 🙂 this is a frenzied pressure with which it would not have been possible to make coffee.

Once you find a coffee machine with the right settings, all that remains is to buy a good grinder and, most importantly, learn how to properly set the grind for your espresso. It is not easy, but you can easily learn it if you read my article which is completely devoted to the standards of making quality espresso. In it, I explain step by step how to learn how to set the grind for espresso. Also in the future I will write how to properly prepare cappuccino, latte, Americano, how to work with syrups and in general about everything that is possible to do with a coffee machine, both at home and at the bar.

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