How to use the coffee machine correctly?

The twentieth century taught us: morning starts with hot coffee. Today, you can’t even think of waking up without a sip of this invigorating drink, especially when there is a long working day ahead. Well, you can brew it for a long time in a Turk or a geyser coffee maker, risking pouring over the stove, buy it at the nearest cafe, or just press the button of the machine and in a couple of minutes get exactly the coffee that you like best. This is how we think about a coffee machine until we find ourselves face to face with it. In reality, even the simplest coffee machines require more attention in operation. Let’s figure out how to use a coffee machine in order to always get a tasty drink and extend its service life.

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How to use the coffee machine correctly?
How to use the coffee machine correctly?

Varieties of coffee machines

There are several types of coffee machines. Their varieties depend on the complexity of the functions performed: grinding beans, extracting coffee, milk frother, etc. Based on this, several varieties are distinguished:

  • Carob (holder). Ground coffee is used, through which a controlled amount of water is passed. The coffee is put into a special container with a handle, through which boiling water is passed and turns into coffee.
  • Capsule. These machines keep user interaction to a minimum – you just need to insert a coffee capsule and press a button. Due to the cost of consumables, brewing coffee in such machines is quite costly.
  • Espresso harvesters. There is already a built-in grinder here. Such machines do not always have the ability to adjust the degree of grinding or the temperature of the water, however, it is they that allow not to lose the rich aroma of the freshly ground grains. However, these devices require cleaning the cone.
  • Automatic coffee machines. Option of an espresso harvester with automatic processing of beans and their removal into the waste compartment. The coffee is prepared with the push of a button. Often, automatic coffee machines come with a cappuccino maker – a device that whips milk to a delicate froth using a jet of hot steam.
  • Supercars. This is a type of automatic coffee machine in which recipes for preparing coffee of various types are already built-in. They can also create your own recipes.

Moving down the list also means an increase in price. Of course, automatic coffee machines can cost as much as an expensive carob machine with a coffee grinder, but the flexibility of the latter in brewing control will certainly be higher.

How to use correctly

Some coffee machines allow you to select the degree of grind, but do not know how to calculate the strength of the coffee, while others do the opposite. However, the algorithm for using machines does not change – you can simply skip the parameter that the machine takes over.

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The first steps are installation.

  • After removing the car from the box, you need to choose a permanent place for it. Frequent movement or bumping of the cabinet door can damage the equipment, so use caution.
  • Before connecting to the outlet and water supply (if provided by the design), clean the containers and mechanisms from dust, dirt and scale. This is especially true for demonstration options. More details on cleaning are below.
  • Connect the device to the network and press the power button. If the car makes noise for the first 15 seconds, this is normal.
  • Open the water compartment and fill it. The water must be cold or at room temperature. If possible, boil this water in the car and drain it.


  • Adjust the water temperature. For professional models this can be done to within a degree (86-95 is recommended), but for home models, settings are usually limited to “low, standard and high” temperatures.
  • Adjust the amount of water per cup.
  • Check the waste compartment. If necessary, clean and rinse.
  • Load coffee into the machine. Either already ground into a cone, or a capsule, or grain into the funnel of a coffee grinder.
  • Indicate the amount of raw materials and the degree of grind, or select a cooking program.
  • If your coffee machine has a self-cleaning mechanism, wait until it drives some water through the nozzle (it is better to substitute some unnecessary mug for this time), and only then put the coffee mug. Automatic cleaning takes place under a specific machine rumble. Sometimes machines start brewing coffee without self-cleaning, so it’s better to learn to distinguish between the start of brewing and the start of self-cleaning.
  • The coffee is ready. Clean the cone from the remaining beans / remove the capsule (coffee cannot be brewed from the same raw material twice). After about 15 minutes, the machine will enter standby mode.

Choosing a coffee machine for yourself (or using one in your office) you will inevitably come across at least one of the following brands.

Saeco… It is considered a trendsetter in the coffee machine market. Actually, automatic coffee machines started with them. Philips bought this company out for its technology, and now the brand operates in the premium segment of coffee machines.

Philips… Under this brand machines for home and office are released. Their filling is simplified saeco mechanisms, which speaks of their high quality. Philips uses ceramic millstones, which some say prevents the grain from being burned.

DeLonghi. The Italian company that was the first to abandon silicone tubes in the design of coffee machines. This innovation eliminates the accumulation of coffee oils. As a result, there is no bitter taste of old coffee. DeLonghi is competing with Saeco for market leadership, but DeLonghi is not only producing premium quality machines.

Jura… This Swiss brand is renowned for its reliability and also works with premium coffee machines.

Vitek and Bork. These are two Russian brands that have the same strategy in the home appliance market – they combine cheapness and quality. That is why these coffee machines can be found in homes, but you are unlikely to find one in a cafe.

Bosch… Of course, without this mastodon of household appliances, you can’t go anywhere. Bosch manufactures both home and professional units. The only negative is expensive spare parts. But this is how we pay for German quality.

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Cleaning the coffee machine

The longevity of any device depends on the attention given to it. Coffee machines are no exception. They must be periodically cleaned at least minimally, and if it does not provide for automatic cleaning, then this operation must be done regularly.

  • We turn off the machine, we take out the cable from the socket.
  • Find the water compartment and fill it with water and decalcifier. In the absence of this special tool, you can use a couple of teaspoons of citric acid or vinegar (but do not talk about this in case of an insured event).
  • Different machines start the cleaning process differently. In some, it goes through the cappuccinatore tube, in some through nozzles for supplying hot water to coffee. Place a container for water under the desired channel. Automatic machines usually have a special button that warns of the formation of scale – the same button must be pressed in case of starting a cleaning program.
  • Turn on the machine and let it run for about 15 minutes.
  • When the machine stops working, drain the leaked water with the agent, and pour a new portion of water into the compartment, this time without the agent.
  • Switch on the cleaning program again to remove the agent.

Also, most coffee machines should be cleaned of coffee oils using special tablets, soluble in water in exactly the same way. Removing the coffee oils helps remove the bitter taste of old coffee that develops over time.

Safety engineering

Of course, coffee machine manufacturers try to make them as safe as possible for the user. This is not a milling machine or even an iron. But let’s remind you how best to avoid burns and more serious accidents – after all, in a hurry, you can forget about caution.

  • The cappuccino maker nozzles and coffee spouts can remain very hot after brewing, so do not touch them yourself. If there is heat, it will be felt a couple of centimeters from the surface.
  • The same goes for tanks for boiling water. Most modern cars have them hidden inside and water is supplied from a simple plastic compartment, but if you need to add water to the boiler, take your time and see if it can scald you.
  • It is best to unplug your device if you are not going to use it soon.
  • In addition, power surges can damage the machine, so it’s best to buy a dedicated AC adapter.


The coffee machine is a wonderful invention that allows you to drink delicious coffee with a minimum of effort. Even detailed operating instructions are not as complicated as it seemed at first glance. Yes, they need to be looked after regularly, but isn’t a cup of delicious espresso worth the effort?

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